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Choose Sesame Butter in a Glass Jar, Not Plastic

Sesame butter is best enjoyed when you prefer glass jars over plastic containers for both health reasons and environmental benefits.

Organic Sesame Butter in a Glass Jar

Organic Sesame Butter in a Glass Jar

Do You Want Plastic Within Your Food?

Most sesame butter brands use plastic containers, but this may prove to be dangerous to your family’s health. While there are types of plastic containers which are considered safe for food packaging, sesame butter contains very strong natural viagra online cheap materials. And so, the plastic can react with the oils in sesame butter, allowing the chemicals in the plastic to leech into the sesame butter itself.

Plastic Containers are Bad for the Environment

Plastic containers are much less expensive than glass, and so are favored by commercial producers of sesame butter. Unfortunately, while they may be best for financial profit, they are not what’s best for the environment. Plastic depletes natural resources and uses a great deal more energy in its production. Also, many plastics may not be recycled.

Sesame Butter in a Glass Jar

Golden Millstone’s Organic Sesame Butter is packaged in glass jars to preserve the purity of our sesame butter and avoid any plastic residues. This way, we are able to bring the consumer a healthier, safer product. The glass jars are also reusable and thus protect our environment.

Glass Jars Instead of Plastic

To sum up, the natural oils in sesame butter can break plastic down. This alters the taste of the butter and also introduces the chemicals in the plastic into the sesame butter. To preserve the purity of the butter, Golden Millstone Sesame Butter is packaged in glass jars. Because these jars are reusable, they’re much better for the environment than plastic jars, too. Golden Millstone Sesame Butter is packaged fresh

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in reusable glass jars so that all that you get when you open it is fresh, organic sesame butter with a smooth, creamy texture and delicious, nutty flavor. Nothing but goodness.

Nuts and seeds may even help those who want to lose weight. The combination of protein, fiber and healthy fats provided by nuts and seeds helps keep blood sugar levels stable, which helps keep us from getting hungry too soon after eating.
George Matejlan The World’s Healthiest Foods
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