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Why Sesame Butter?

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Golden Millstone Sesame Butter was born out of my own search for the highest quality, organic sesame butter I could find.

I recently made a decision to live a much healthier lifestyle and part of that resolve included making healthier food choices in my daily diet. I was concerned about the nutrients I was missing and the unhealthy ingredients I was consuming.

My goal was not to undertake a regimented diet, but to eat in such a way that I would be better able to maintain a healthy weight, prevent heart disease and other nutrition-related ailments and live a fuller, more active lifestyle.

As I learned more about nutrition and health, I was excited to find that the tahini and sesame butter I have enjoyed all of my life provided a wealth of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. I’ve always loved tahini and hummus and many other sesame based foods and I was happy to be able to keep them in my new, healthier diet.

However, the more I learned about sesame seeds, the more discouraged I became with the sesame butter and tahini that was available commercially. I knew that products made with inferior sesame seeds, processed with high heat that destroyed nutrients and packed with additives were not a healthy choice.

Finally, I decided that if I wanted the highest quality sesame butter, so did many other people. I also realized that if we were to find it, I would have to produce it.

Thus, Golden Millstone was born.

Sesame Butter by Golden Millstone

I located small organic farms in Ethiopia that grow and harvest the world’s finest and most nutrient-dense sesame seeds. By using these farms, I’m able to source a quality of sesame seed that is generally unavailable to most manufacturers. I’m also able to support and encourage organic farming in this area of Africa.

We then slow roast our sesame seeds at the lowest possible temperature; low enough in fact to still qualify our sesame butter as a raw food. This releases the nutty flavor and makes the nutrients more accessible, but without damaging the essential fatty compounds the way high heat does.

I chose to forgo the machinery-based processing of larger producers and instead grind our sesame seeds using a 90 year old millstone, preserving the nutrients, protecting the sesame seed’s beneficial oils and also helping the environment.

What we ended up with was

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the creamiest and smoothest sesame butter imaginable, with the richest flavor I’ve ever tasted. When you open a jar of Golden Millstone Sesame Butter, you find nothing but crushed sesame seeds. No additives, preservatives, sugar, salt or other ingredients. Golden Millstone is both organic and kosher and is naturally gluten free.

I’m proud of Golden Millstone Sesame Butter and I’m extremely excited to introduce it to you. I know that once you’ve tasted this deliciously creamy sesame butter, you’ll be excited, too.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Golden Millstone Sesame Butter. Enjoy it in the very best of health!


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Sesame butter is the Proof that Healthy Food can be Delicious.
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