Sesame Butter and a Gluten Free Diet

The terms which is better cialis or viagra Celiac and gluten-free have become so common in North America that more than likely you know someone who has been diagnosed with Celiac or perhaps you have diagnosed yourself. Although it has probably been around for ages, only recently has the term Celiac Disease been brought to the public’s attention and been given proper definition and awareness, as well as some well-deserved relief for those who suffer from a gluten allergy.

Gluten and the American Diet

Gluten is literally in almost every packaged food item in American grocery store shelves, including those you would never guess contained gluten, like tomato soup, or various packages of flavored rice! It is amazing once you realize how consumed we are with gluten and how reliant the American diet has become on it. In fact, gluten is a staple in the North American diet!

Gluten is in Almost Everything

Gluten can also be found in beverages, sauces, seasonings, salad dressings, prepared meats, snack foods, chocolates and beer. It is almost impossible to avoid consuming it unless you are prepared to scour every label for traces of gluten. This process takes time that most people simply do not have or can’t afford in today’s fast-paced society. Also, current labeling laws can make it hard to really know which foods are safe because there are loopholes. The FDA has yet to finalize the definition of gluten free, so until they do, it will continue to be a challenge for those forced on a gluten free diet.

The Challenges of Being Gluten-Free

Those with a gluten allergy are forced to read every label and even question the labels that say “gluten free”. Some labels will state that the food may actually have been cross-contaminated during the production process, therefore traces of gluten may still be found. For those severely allergic to gluten, this presents a major issue and most people simply cannot afford to take the risk of consuming such a product.

For many with Celiac or a gluten allergy, food shopping can be a daunting task, and one they come to loathe, as so many products are off-limits for fear of a trip to the hospital. To complicate matters even more, Celiac sufferers have to be careful to ensure they are somehow getting ample nutrition. Many gluten free flours, pastas, and breads only offer a fraction of the fiber, protein and vitamins that nutrient-packed bread containing gluten does.

Sesame Butter Provides Much Needed Nutrition to Those Living Gluten-Free

Luckily for Celiacs, one of the best food choices they can rely on, which is naturally gluten free, is sesame butter. Sesame seeds and sesame butter are foods that can be mixed into almost any recipe and provide a savory, distinct nutty flavor that is sure to make any Celiac smile with delight. Being diagnosed with Celiac does not mean a life doomed to bland and boring meals. Gluten-free breads can be made delicious with a nice sesame butter spread, which also offers protein and fiber that most gluten-free breads and wraps lack. You can also substitute sesame butter for shortening or butter in bread recipes. Most Celiacs complain of a lack of time to prepare tasty meals, due to viagra generic online being forced to make most meals from scratch. Sesame seeds and sesame butter can add a great deal of nutrition to even the quickest, simplest snack. Celiacs need to learn to incorporate sesame butter, sesame seeds and hummus into their diets. These are all quick, easy and will provide the Celiac sufferer much-needed minerals, vitamins and heart-healthy ingredients. Much like the vegan and vegetarian, Celiacs have to pay extra attention to their health and make sure they are obtaining enough nutrition. Sesame can be a vital food for those on a strict gluten-free diet.

Sesame butter is the Proof that Healthy Food can be Delicious.
Tomer Treves